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NZ Motoring Podcast 2: Car of the Year, James Bond cars, Subaru, 2 Lexus. and Porsche School


In this episode special guest Cameron Officer (ex-editor TopGear NZ) joins Damien O’Carroll and David Linklater to get nerdy over James Bond cars, listen to David go on about Porsches (again) and discuss the latest offerings from Lexus and Subaru. Get the Podcast here:

This episode featuring Damien O’Carroll, David Linklater and Cameron Officer with Paul Spain as the executive producer. The NZ Motoring Podcast is published by Global Voice Media – the home of NZ’s favourite podcasts.

NZ Tech Podcast 210: Kiwicon anklet hack, Linus Torvalds coming to NZ, Callaghan Innovation

NZ Tech Podcast 1400x1400

Topics this week include Kiwicon’s tracking anklet hack, Skype Translator, Pirate Bay, Trans-Tasman undersea cable, Seagate’s 8TB drives, coming to Auckland and Linus Torvalds to keynote, UFB complete in Oamaru, Callaghan Innovation.

This NZ Tech Podcast hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guests Brett Roberts and Sean Dring. Supported by Vector Communications and published by NZ’s Podcast specialists – Global Voice Media.

Get the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the website and facebook page.

NZ Entertainment Podcast 20: Cliff Curtis, James Rolleston, Jemaine Clement, Morgana O’Reilly

NZFA Podcast Artwork

This week is a special Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards episode where Wal, Jarred (the bro-hort) and Hannah take to the red carpet to interview the stars of the NZ Film Industry

Guests: Cliff Curtis, James Rolleston, Morgana O’Reilly, Jemaine Clement, Anoushka Klaus, Tom Hern, Joe Naufahu, Rene Naufahu, Paula Jones

Get the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Entertainment Podcast updates via Twitter @NZ_Ent, the website and facebook page.

This episode hosted by Wal Reid & Jarred Tito, engineered by the amazing Simon Peterson and Paul Spain is the executive producer. The NZ Entertainment Podcast is published by Global Voice Media – the home of NZ’s favourite podcasts.

NZ Tech Podcast 209: Sony Pictures hacked, Pizza delivered by drone, Tesla Downunder, Ford Tech

NZ Tech Podcast 1400x1400

Sony Pictures hacked, Pizza delivered by drone, Skype and Lyncs hookup, Ford’s tech refresh, Office 365 heads to Sydney and Melbourne, Xperia Z3 compact tablet, HP Stream 8 and Stream 7, Tesla heads downunder, FitBit Charge vs The World.

This NZ Tech Podcast hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guest Wal Reid (@walreid). Supported by Vector Communications and published by NZ’s Podcast specialists – Global Voice Media.

Get the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the website and facebook page.

Movie Review: Sunday by Michelle Joy Lloyd


Sunday is not a post-earthquake Christchurch movie and neither does it set out to be. Yes, the brazen images of the southern city’s 2011 earthquake defy belief, however, thankfully there is no commentary offered from the film’s lead characters, only haunting silence, a constant reminder of the city’s architectural skeletal ghosts

Set in Christchurch, one year after the earthquakes Sunday is a story much like the city, one of past devastation and a one-shot chance at rebuilding. To suggest the film makers could’ve gotten away omitting the disaster out is fair, but in no way does it sensationalise or unhinge the underlying plot of the story – in fact, probably the opposite

Enter Charlie (Dustin Clare/Spartacus) an Aussie military convoy driver (we presume the war in the Middle East) and Eve (Camille Keenan/Packed To The Rafters) a florist, the couple we see in the beginning of the film are hapless in love and are having a baby, but now are no longer together. After years of history and months of separation Charlie gets a text from Eve and we find him being picked up from the airport. So begins the arduous task to find out whether or not it’s going to work again, whether they have a future with a baby. But here’s the kicker, they have 24 hours to find out

As love stories go it’s not original, however the acting is natural and not forced. Clare and Keenan add charm and authenticity to the onscreen relationship, while Lloyd handles this with great effect, drawing the viewer into the couple’s innocuous existence. The minimalist use of soundtrack music making way for dramatic effect in scenes is powerful (visiting the grandparents’ home, talking in the car) my only quibble is the sometimes lackadaisical script risks losing the audience, but luckily Lloyd’s penchant for introducing the unexpected pays off handsomely, scenes featuring the freestyle rap-a-gram, breast milk expresser and Charlie confessing to Eve he peed on her tooth brush are gold.

It must be noted that Michelle Joy Lloyd is the only Kiwi woman director to have a theatre release for a full feature film this year, this may in part be the reason for her intuitive eye as seen through Eve, who along with baby are tantamount to this ‘Canterbury love tale’, it’s a film that’s totally different than that of similar subject matter Max Currie’s rural Bonnie & Clyde love story ‘Everything We Loved’ it’s blatant exploration of human relationships ruefully explored

Sunday is wonderfully peppered with the right amount of humour & heart, at the very root, human connection. I warmed to this local indie film, I found Clare likeable, a bit of ‘Colin Farrell’ bravado that every guy in the audience could identify with, his real life relationship with Keenan (yep, that’s their baby) she the pragmatist of the two, I found her at times wooden but nonetheless very convincing as the expectant mum

When in love sometimes all it takes are baby steps to get things back on the track, however in this rare case the viewer is left to decide for themselves – Be Brave

Footnote: $1 from every ticket sold at the Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland Premiere Screenings will go to the Christchurch branch of the White Ribbon Trust who are working as part of the Canterbury Family Violence Collaboration, a group of organisations working together in the family violence sector. 10% of all profits from the film will be donated back to Gap Filler so they can continue to help encourage the Christchurch community grow and heal through creative endeavours.

The Skatalites 50th Anniversary Tour – The Kings Arms Auckland




The Skatalites are the type of band that not only demand respect but also an audience worthy of playing to, Auckland’s Kings Arms was the perfect place to launch their NZ Tour of their 50th Anniversary (damn, 50 years in the business)

Not only was it full house at the Kings Arms (something I haven’t seen in a while) it was hot, and not only in the musical sense it seems global warming had taken over the front rows, with wanton rude boys & skankers at the front of the ensuing melee

Lead singer Lester “Ska” Sterling is of course the real deal, the sun glasses clad alto saxophone king is the ring leader harnessing the audiences kinetic dance grooves to orchestrate the band of musician comrades. ‘El Pussycat’ and their instrumentals such as ‘Tear Up’, (the original ska anthem), the infamous Guns of Navarone, (which also made the UK top 40) and Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take 5‘ were anxiously lapped up by the mature crowd who were well into festivities, it was a vocal and excited audience that were enjoying the once in a lifetime experience before the James Bond theme song sent the crowd back into a frenzy

Reggae & Ska are not without their designers, among those Bob Marley who was more than once mentioned by Sterling, a few Wailers tunes later it was time to bring out the first lady of Ska – original vocalist, Ms Doreen Shaffer who appeared with a rousing cheer from the crowd. “Hello Auckland” she said before launching into the instantly recognisable Barbie Gaye hit song ‘My Boy Lollipop’ followed by The Archies classic cover ‘Sugar Sugar’ and The Wailer’s classics ‘Simmer Down‘ & ‘Nice Time‘ She was poised, her voice still as young as she was charming, she even had time to shake the hands of the audience, she was definitely a favourite with the crowd and left by raucous cheer

It’s rare that a band can boast of this milestone achievement but THE SKATALITES are more than a band; they are an institution, made up of a collective of some of Jamaica’s finest musicians who not only defined the sound of ska in the 50’s and 60’s but influenced and inspired a number of generations and bands both on their own turf and around the world.

By the end of the show various members came on stage or left to attend to their thirst, by now Lester had the mic and was making sure everyone knew who the “Boss” was, there seemed to be a bit of ‘in band’ “argy bargy” as he made references to “starting the song” however this was short lived and before anyone noticed they were back into the groove. For me I loved the heavily ska-infused Beatles song ‘I Should Have Known Better’ (so good, just make up your own lyrics) and crowd sing-a-long favourites ‘Rock Fort Rock’ & ‘Phoenix City’.

Tonight was a revelation, the Skatalites proved lyrics do not maketh a song, all you need is a great horn section, a solid band leader and a sweet singing chanteuse and the rest will take care of itself. Despite a changing line-up during their 50 years in the business, The Skatalites’ jaunt to New Zealand sees the nine-strong group and original founding member, vocalist Doreen Shaffer, aka the Queen of Jamaica Ska, I mean to see these legends of Reggae perform is truly a ‘Damascus road’ experience that you will happily take to your grave – guaranteed. Did I mention she shook my hand?

Hauraki Horror – The Basement Review

hauraki 2

Hauraki Horror is The Basement’s 6th Annual Christmas Show and goes where no “nautical” whodunit mystery has gone before. It boasts a rotating cast with well-known celebs in the show that have been part of this years ‘huge’ contribution in one way or another at Auckland’s The Basement theatre

Enter Tom photographer & Chris amateur gossip junkie busking the streets of Auckland where by chance Tom mentions he has a VIP pass to do a celebrity shoot on a Christmas Cruise in the Hauraki. They board Dick Rancid’s (Housebound’s Cameron Rhodes) super yacht (Chris stowed away in the camera bag) where the slightly inebriated playboy Rancid gets harpooned (not once but thrice) to leave the stunned duo to figure out who killed the haphazard Captain, interviewing celerity A-listers ranging from Sally Ridge and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa to Kelly Tarlton, Jason Gunn and even childhood sock puppet Thingee

Billed as the biggest NZ scandal since the death of Dr Sarah Potts Hauraki Horror charms its way throughout the show, its interesting local references to the local celeb scene really hits the mark as our main leads Tom Sainsbury and Chris Parker try to solve this Kiwiana mystery “ASAT” with a sprig of “ganache”. Nobody is safe, even references of leaked SoundCloud nude pictures of Judith Tizard & whale oil blogger Cameron Slater aren’t spared (harpooned?)

Every celeb has their motives and their wishy-washy alibis. It’s gonna take a whole lotta clue-solving, fishy puns and an appearance by Poseidon (Fasitua Amosa) himself to solve this grisly murder mystery. Luanne Gordon is Sally Ridge personified, her tipsy rendition of the DIY craft queen cannot be toppled, she’s on a mission with Jamie for ideas of the next Ridges sequel, a story about “two women roughly about the same age”. Rose Matafeo wonderfully lampoons Dame Kiri, it’s almost scary to think how many hours of “Kiri” footage she had to sit through to pull off the snobbish Waikato “Downton” accent which we’re sure “Charles & Diahrna” would approve. Dick Rancid is Captain Stubing’s evil twin, He/she Kelly Tarlton, Whale Rider’s Paikea, Children’s entertainer Jason Gunn & Thingee weren’t spared the rod either, everyone was fair game in this bumper festive show

Hauraki Horror is a hose down after revelling in muck, it’s the kind of situation that’s almost as if you’re an outsider looking on the inside, not too sure what’s going on but swept along by the ride. Penned by top comedy talent Tom Sainsbury(SuperCity) and Chris Parker (SNORT) under the director of the incomparable Rachel House (The Dark Horse, Eagle vs Shark), this year’s Basement Christmas show is nautical by nature, a twig of suggestion and a hint of mischief. It’s most definitely THE sure fire way to kick start the festive season

Amanda Billing, Shavaughn Ruakere, Rose Matafeo, Oliver Driver, Kimberley Crossman, Mike Edwards, Siobhan Marshall, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Joseph Moore, Nic Sampson, Guy Montgomery, Cameron Rhodes, Jesse Griffin, Rhys Mathewson, Michelle Blundell, Kate Elliot, Michael Hurst, Eli Matthewson, Thomas Sainsbury, Chris Parker and many more yet to be confirmed.

Dates: 4 – 20 December 2014
Times: 8pm Monday – Saturday
Matinee: 4pm, Saturday 13th & 20th
Late show: 10pm, Friday 19th
Venue: The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland CBD
Tickets: $30 – $35, (Groups of 6 $200) – NO BOOKING FEES!
Bookings: // 0508 iTICKET (484 253)

Special corporate booking rates & private shows are available please

NZ Tech Podcast 208: Potential ADSL price increases, Gigatown Dunedin, Office Sway, Orion IPO, Google Breakup

NZ Tech Podcast 1400x1400

The week we cover the Commerce Commission’s ruling on Chorus copper pricing and its impact on the telcos and customers, the unlikely Google breakup, Gigatown Dunedin, Microsoft Office Sway, Orion’s sharemarket launch, Sony’s e-paper watch and more.

This NZ Tech Podcast hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guests Bill Bennett (@billbennettnz) and Darrell Webster. Supported by Vector Communications and published by NZ’s Podcast specialists – Global Voice Media.

Get the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the website and facebook page.

Black River Drive – Gig Review Kings Arms


There aren’t many Kiwi bands that you could say have heart & soul like Auckland band Black River Drive, but the thing is, the raw passion that you hear on their new album Quicksand is exactly what you get live, no holds barred.

Tonight was Auckland’s turn to revel in BRD’s touring “Quicksand” show as the band quickly shot in into opening rousers “Hold the Line” & “Doctor” before applying the brakes a little with the excellent mood swinging “Everything Must Go”

The band’s new album Quicksand has undergone a bit of a “Frankenstein” process, produced by Toby Wright in Nashville and local legend Zorran Mendonsa in Auckland, mixed by Forrester Savell of Animal As Leaders/I Am Giant fame, has given the album a truly international flavour and not to mention one of NZ’s biggest rock albums of 2014.

The easily recognisable backing vocals of new radio single Quicksand signalled the crowd back into the swing of things, with vocalist Sam Browne nicely engaging the crowd long enough before launching into the frenetic intro guitar riff of “Wake Up”, this is probably for me one of the stand out tracks on the new album, and of course the explosive track “Grenade” which people obliged by “hitting the floor and getting down”

Bassist Rusty McNaughton & guitarist Matt Stone did a solid job on backing vocals adding to the band’s driving sound, while singer Sam possesses one of the best vocals in the business. The only disappointment was the small crowd in attendance however being the consummate pros they are, they delivered an energetic knock-out show as good if not better than any touring band seen lately.

River Drive’s new album has been described as ‘modern rock with a rock and roll heart’ but as they say they left the best song for last the band’s first single: “Bullet for your Gun” Yep, lots of smiling faces, it’s the way a gig should be..