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NZ Tech Podcast 302: iPhone/Watch 2 hands on, Oracle Cloud, Infocus vs Surface Hub, Twitter > 140 characters

NZ Tech Podcast 200x200
We try out Apple’s iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Watch series 2. Also Twitter blasts past 140 characters, GoPro Karma Drone, check your credit rating, Tasman Global Access update, Oracle Cloud, Ignite, Peter Jackson, Infocus MondoPad, Rocket Lab is go.
Hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) and this week’s guest was Paul Brislen.

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NZ Tech Podcast 301: Samsung Note 7, Apple’s latest, Chorus Gigabit fibre, Facebook and Xero Bots


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 dramas get worse, Apple announces iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Watch series 2. Also Chorus Gigabit broadband, Stuff fibre arrives, Spark and SMX team up, Bot action from Facebook and Xero, Tesla and Apple car chat.

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NZ Tech Podcast 300: Sad Note 7, Better NZ Mobile plans, Norton Online Harassment Report, iBeacons for Wellington

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 woes, Skinny Mobile goes direct, Spark mobile plan refresh, Norton Online Harassment Report, iBeacons in NZ, Lenovo Yoga Book pen/paper/laptop, Wacom Bamboo Slate/Folio, iPhone 7 launch, GST to push up International subscriptions.

This episode hosted by Paul Spain, sponsored by Gorilla Technology (IT Services) and featuring guests Mark Shaw (Symantec) and Fred Russo.

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NZ Entertainment Podcast 61: The Ten Tenors, This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy


This episode Jarred has a dinner party and invites Wal and Yulia – there are Russian guests and two dogs. Hear Yulia interview The Ten Tenor’s Cameron and Paul and we look at new scifi Kiwi film that Jarred stars in called This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy. – plus all the usual chaos and mayhem.

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This episode hosted by Wal Reid & Jarred Tito, Paul Spain is the executive producer. The NZ Entertainment Podcast is published by Global Voice Media – the home of NZ’s favourite podcasts.

David Brent: Life on the Road – Movie Review Jarred Tito 5/5 “Comic masterpiece”


On the Road with David Brent is undoubtedly the best comedic come back of a character and comedian for decade. I can’t remember being so delightfully embarrassed in such a cringing way. The laughter inside me could not be contained in the form of giggles but had to be released in volume, even if it was into my shirt. I think Ricky Gervais has truly mastered the art of Reality Comedy like no other. He has reclaimed his rightful position and title as the funniest, driest and subtly funniest guy in the business. This film is a comic masterpiece.

I wasn’t sure what to expect went I made the decision to attend the preview of Ricky Gervais’ ‘On The Road’ as this particular brand of popular humour has been ‘thrashed’ by a considerable amount of comedians and sitcoms over the past ten years. However, he has managed to equal and even top the Office, in some respects.

He has a stellar cast of actors you may or may not know. None of whom were in the Office. The story is the same but different. It’s fun, simple, moving and at times charming.

A must see! 5 out of 5 Stars

NZ Tech Podcast 299: SpaceX Moustronauts, Schooling Online, iPhone Bugs, Stratford vs NZ, New FitBits


Kids to skip school and study online, iPhone escapes 0-day flaw panic, WhatsApp shares your number with Facebook, Chorus CEO stepping down and contractor bows out, Stratford Council get mean about sharing data, SpaceX Moustronauts, Tesla and more.

Hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) and this week’s guest: Sean Dring

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You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the NZ Tech Podcast website or the facebook page.



Wal caught up with Phoenix Foundation’s Samuel Scott who is one of this years finalist


Five top New Zealand artists and acts have made the shortlist for the 2016 APRA Silver Scroll Award, recognising excellence in songwriting.
The finalists and their songs represent an eclectic mix of genres and range from iconic names in Kiwi music, to up-and-comers making their mark in the industry.
After winning the prized award in 2014, the internationally renowned Tami Neilson is back in this year’s list of finalists with ‘The First Man’ co-written with her brother Jay Neilson. It’s a heartbreaking song that reflects on the death of her father, written at a time of deep pain and grief, and yet also written out of deep love and celebration that narrates the time between a child’s life beginning to a parent’s life ending.
Stalwarts of indie pop ‘n’ rock The Phoenix Foundation (Samuel Scott, Lukasz Buda, Conrad Wedde, William Ricketts, Thomas Callwood, Christopher O’Connor) also make this year’s cut. It brings their total number of nominations over the years to six times in the Top 20 and an impressive four times in the Top 5. The band’s entry this year, ‘Give Up Your Dreams’, is an uplifting nod to the fine line between chucking it all in and soldiering on with a great big smile on your face.
Auckland singer-songwriter Lydia Cole is also up for the award with her song ‘Dream’. It’s a bittersweet two-part tale all about falling in love when you least expect it. It is the second song to have earned Lydia a spot in the Top 5.
Thomas Oliver is a first-time nominee with his love song ‘If I Move To Mars’, which explores the Wellington singer-songwriter’s fascination with the idea of living on the red planet with your lover – lying in the dirt, drinking Cognac and listening to records.
Also newcomers to the Top 5 are Street Chant (Emily Littler, Billie Rogers, Alex Brown, Christopher Farnham) with their song ‘Pedestrian Support League’. The indie-rockers’ song is loosely about life in their hometown of Auckland and that feeling you get when you return from life on the road, to a crummy flat in Grey Lynn.
Anthony Healey, Head of NZ Operations for APRA AMCOS, says: “Great songs tell great stories and each of these songs give us beautiful, heartfelt tales of dreams, love and loss. It’s a diverse and eclectic group of songwriters, each at the very top of their craft and each very much deserving of our celebration.”
The APRA Silver Scroll Awards celebrated its 50th anniversary last year marking a significant milestone and a track record in recognising New Zealand’s brightest songwriting talent. It’s considered one of the most coveted awards in New Zealand music and has previously been awarded to Ray Columbus, Hammond Gamble, Shona Laing, Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga, Don McGlashan, Neil Finn, Chris Knox, Brooke Fraser, James Milne & Lukasz Buda, Alisa Xayalith & Thom Powers (The Naked And Famous) and Ella Yelich-O’Connor (Lorde) & Joel Little.
The other awards presented on the night are:

  • APRA Maioha Award, celebrating exceptional waiata featuring te reo Māori
  • SOUNZ Contemporary Award, celebrating excellence in contemporary composition
  • APRA Best Original Music in a Feature Film Award
  • APRA Best Original Music in a Series Award

As a part of the celebrations APRA will also be inducting a songwriter/s into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.
All awards will be presented at Vector Arena in Auckland on Thursday 29th September. Radio New Zealand will broadcast and live video stream the APRA Silver Scroll Awards ceremony on RNZ National, Freeview Ch 50 and online at The awards are proudly supported by Panhead Custom Ales.

APRA Silver Scroll Award – top 5 finalists 2016:
Lydia Cole – ‘Dream’ – Lydia Cole
The Phoenix Foundation – ‘Give Up Your Dreams’ – Samuel Scott, Lukasz Buda, Conrad Wedde, William Ricketts, Thomas Callwood, Christopher O’Connor.
Published by Native Tongue Music Publishing.
Thomas Oliver – ‘If I Move To Mars’ – Thomas Oliver.
Published by Mushroom Music Pty Ltd.
Street Chant – ‘Pedestrian Support League’ – Emily Littler, Billie Rogers, Alex Brown, Christopher Farnham.
Published by Arch Hill Music Publishing / Native Tongue Music Publishing.
Tami Neilson – ‘The First Man’ – Tami Neilson, Jay Neilson.


With seven full-length Sola Rosa albums, three EPs, a handful of hits, countless collaborations and numerous world tours, it’s been a near 20-year labour of love for the man behind the music, Andrew Spraggon.
And although it’s punctuated with twists and turns in the form of constant change and innovation, one thing has remained the same – Spraggon’s steadfast commitment to making great albums that seamlessly blend a myriad of genres, from hip-hop and jazz, to neo-soul, latin and funk.
Now, the Auckland-based music-maker is poised to unveil the next steps in the Sola Rosa journey. It begins with the stonking beat-heavy track, ‘So Fly’ featuring British singer Kevin Mark Trail, who rose to prominence in the early 2000s working with The Streets.
The song, which Spraggon describes as having an “angular analog feel”, sits perfectly alongside the vibrant and eclectic Sola Rosa sound that fans have come to know and love. And yet, it pushes further into new musical territory. “The overall feel is an unusual one for me as a producer, but I wanted to make it have a retro kind of vibe. It’s pretty much a synth-laden production and heavy on the beats,” he says.
Written by Spraggon and Sola Rosa‘s one-time guitarist Ben White, with additional keys later added by Michal Martyniuk, the track was originally created for the 2014 album Magnetics but it wasn’t finished. Trail then heard it over the 2015/2016 summer and wrote and recorded the vocals in one day.
Adding to the magic of ‘So Fly’ is the expert touch of Andy ‘Submariner’ Morton at Creative Orchard, known for his production and mix skills with the likes of Kiwi music icons like Fat Freddy’s Drop, Mark de Clive Lowe and Nathan Haines. And last but not least, mastering by Kelly Hibbert at Almachrome in Los Angeles, who’s worked with a lengthy list of who’s who in music, from Aloe Blacc, to J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Dam Funk and more.
It all makes for a kick-ass track that demands volume and is not only a sure-fire festival anthem but the kind of tune that has just what it takes to pack dancefloors across the globe.

Get ‘So Fly’ now – iTunes / Google Play
Follow Sola Rosa on Spotify:
Follow Sola Rosa on Apple Music:

Bad Moms – Movie Review Jarred Tito “Laughs are worth it” 3.5/5


via Bigscreen NZ

A fun movie with quite a few home truths for the zealot ‘soccer’ mums of the world. Sure the movie plot line is semi-predictable and loaded with an ample amount of shock lines, especially from actressKathryn Hahn who plays ‘Carla’ a socially challenged misfit, but it is still funny and has plenty to say about the ‘modern’ women and their place in society.

Firstly, it is a story about three women breaking the rules and social expectations. Secondly it’s an empowering motivational story of three women rising up in the cold hard face of adversity. And lastly, it’s a good laugh which pokes fun at everything ‘holy’ regarding parenthood in the modern PC world.

Carla teams up with Kiki (Christina Bel) to promote Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) as the new model and standard for the P.T.A. Amy Mitchell has had enough of the ‘system’ and is pushed to the limit by Gwendolyn, the president of the PTA, played by Christina Applegate, which leads to her making a stand against everything sweet, charming and expected of mothers with school children.

Bad Moms, the title says it all and can easily fit in with other movies of this nature with similar titles such as; ‘Bad Santa’ and ‘Dirty Grand-pa’. Initially each movie hits you right between the eyes with shocking language and lewd behaviour but then slowly brings you around with a deeper, enlightening truths which seem to justify the beginning. (A pattern for a lot of American comedies of late.)

Aside from all of that, Bad Moms, has some genuine funny moments. Carla, played by Kathryn Hahn, most definitely has the lion’s share of one liners and so dominated the comical aspect of the film. Hahn’s comic timing is perfect.

Although the films receiving a bit of flack over the ‘One Finger Salute’ portrayed in the promotional posters as well as stirring up a bit trouble with the real soccer mom fraternity, the movie as a complete work is quite positive and should not be so easily written off.

An excellent cast and story full of laughs and home truths, even if they are exaggerated just a bit, that I have already recommended to more than a few. Yes there is quite a bit of material that will cause some offence but not enough to keep you away. Personally I think the laughs are worth it and the pathos delivers at the end.