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Miller Yule – Shoot Me In The Heart e.p. Release


Miller Yule has a voice that is wonderfully warm as it is rich. He plays the guitar with a technical flair without compromising the beauty of melody. From the lull of latest single Shoot Me In The Heart to the reworking of Springsteen’s I’m On Fire he quipped to the packed Little Easy venue “I didn’t know I knew so many people”.

Yule’s recent coverage on TV3 with reporter Kim Vinnell and the endorsement of broadcaster Charlotte Ryan (Yule was her sound engineer before she discovered his songs) has generated a lot interest in this young Kiwi singer songwriter.

Miller’s exuberance has been likened to Jeff Buckley with the story telling of Bob Dylan, an original talent that had Vinnell asking the question “Is this NZ’s next Kiwi musician to watch out for?” One listen to his single Shoot Me In The Heart and you will hear the honest lyrics of a reflective talent, a commodity that is rare in musicians these days.

Yule’s song A Full Moon Melody is an example of the aforementioned musical nous, it’s one of Yule’s first songs he wrote adding when it first wrote it thought “I’ve struck gold straight away” saying his favourite song on the e.p. is Little Things because “It all came together so well in the studio, it just kind of works”.

Playing songs off his new e.p. See You ‘Round, Rescue Me and the annoyingly catchy Just Smile remarking “That brought the mood down, let’s pick it up again” as he launched into an interesting acoustic version of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies that had a small group of girls upfront responding to the young songwriter’s every whim.

“I do hear things, like “that song would sound cool if I slowed it right down”. He’s a big fan of experimenting putting songs “in a major instead of a minor”. It was a damp Auckland night but the party was upstairs, his e.p. is now available to buy, like a true musician he was even prepared for the unexpected as Ryan asked the crowd “Do we have time for an encore?” Yule responding spontaneously with Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walking complete with slide guitar.

The last words of the night belong to the young musician. “Beyoncé always manages to get the crowd going even if she’s not here”. Can’t argue with that.

A landmark homegrown exhibition coming soon – Volume: Making Music In Aotearoa


Last night’s fickle Auckland weather wasn’t enough to deter Auckland Museum’s announcement of Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa, a large contingent of Kiwi musicians and industry insiders including multiple Grammy winner Lorde, Dave Dobbyn & Suzanne Lynch from popular 60s duo The Chicks.

Last night’s event was hosted by broadcaster/author Karyn Hay who recalled “This story has gone down in rattily rental vans, cheap motels and sticky backstage areas both here and abroad. I know because I was in a few of them”.

Auckland Museum announced the support of Spark to amplify Volume and to take the exhibition to new heights with technology. An interesting partnership as the telco company already have Swedish commercial music streaming Spotify and look to solidifying their relationship in the local music scene like counterparts Vodafone.

A partnership with the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, Volume is the first major exhibition to tell the story of popular music in Aotearoa. Mark Roach, on behalf of the NZ Music Hall of Fame Trust, said “Volume’s a celebration. It’s a recognition of our music community and I think it’s the start of something really big.”

From Pokarekare ana to Poi e, from Loyal to Royals, from dance halls to DJs and from vinyl to mp3s and back again, Volume will take visitors on a musical journey through the decades from the 1950s to today.

Music lovers will get to roll up their sleeves and experience how music has been made, heard, and performed over the past 60 years in a ‘hands on, ears on’ exhibition, exploring the rich diversity and unique sounds that come from our place at the southern edge of the Pacific Ocean.


Visitors will be able to step into a recording studio and get behind the mixing desk, become a DJ and blend music and video, browse records in a 1980s record store, learn how to play the opening riff of an iconic Kiwi song, or step back in time and on to the set of C’mon in the 1960s.

Volume opens Friday 28 October and is open until 22 May 2017 in the Special Exhibitions Hall.

NZ Tech Podcast 285: Google I/O highlights, Run the Empire, Lumia 650, Duco vs Facebook streamers


Highlights from Google IO incl the marriage of Chrome OS and Android, Allo, Duo, Wear 2 and Google Home. Also, Joseph Parker’s fight streamed via Facebook Video, Run the Empire game, an Alcohol monitoring wearable, NZ Hi-Tech Awards, Lumia 650, Huawei P9.

This NZ Tech Podcast episode produced with the support of Gorilla Technology, hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guest Mark Derricutt and is published by Podcasts New Zealand – home of NZ’s favourite podcasts.

Get the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the NZ Tech Podcast website or the facebook page.

NZ Business Podcast 18: Richard Bejtilich, Chief Security Strategist, FireEye

In this special episode Richard Bejtilich (Chief Security Strategist, FireEye) joins Paul Spain during a visit to New Zealand to speak at the Cyber Security Summit 2016 in Auckland. He shares critical strategic insights about cyber security for leaders inside small and large orgnaisations alike.

This episode is hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with the support of Gorilla Technology and is a production of Podcasts New Zealand.

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You can keep current with our latest NZ Business Podcast updates via Twitter @NZ_Business, the website and the NZ Business Podcast facebook page.

The Ten Tenors – Review Saturday May 21th, 2016 – ASB Theatre Auckland


Words Yulia Podrul

Date / Venue: Saturday May 21th, 2016 – ASB Theatre Auckland

At last, New Zealand audience can stop counting down. We are welcoming back The Ten Tenors who are loved not only by women but also by men, and that’s no accident. TTT is bringing to New Zealand their powerful and exciting live performance simply called ‘The Power of Ten’.

I was one of the luckiest to witness the most delicious mix of voices the world can ever think of. I call it delicious because it’s made with kindest by a loving soul. It has mild, spicy and hot flavors, it can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner anywhere worldwide. It’s guaranteed that even the fussiest music connaisseur will leave the room happy enjoying a unique experience and special memories.

I enjoyed the recognisable and timeless tunes of David Bowie, Fun and the Everly Brothers, Queen, and Freddie Mercury to name a few. What I love about The Ten Tenors is they truly can surprise their fans. Being so unpredictable they give you a cool and funky mix from the songs of Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Could it get any better?

To some of us feelings can easily can be touched by dramatic melodies, these down-to-earth Aussie (plus one Kiwi) will make your heart melt by introducing you to Puccini, Rossini and Verdi in their brand new show. Even my favourite The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera by Lloyd Webber was played tonight.

Aucklanders responded with ovations, applause after the show. Because The Power of Ten is for everybody to enjoy, the Ten Tenors left me with few of those memories that I’ll happily share on our podcast show. You’ll have a chance to hear bits and pieces from my interview with two special men that I absolutely adore, two legends of The Ten Legends-Paul Gelsumini and Cameron Barclay. I admit that it was one of the most exciting and fun chats I’ve ever had.

I can’t talk more about it because you’ll know all the surprises. If you want a real party, then all you have to do is to come to one of their spectacular shows for The Power of Ten. They are touring the country, so chase for tickets. If you miss out, there is nothing I can do. All I can promise is those opera rock stars will be back very soon with some more exciting news.

You can next catch The Ten Tenors next on Monday the 23rd of May at the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch.

Racing Gig Review – Whammy Friday May 20th, 2016

racing _o

Words Shawn Moodie

Walking down the steps of Auckland’s Whammy Bar, I was a little apprehensive as I came face-to-face with the heaving, near-capacity, crowd eagerly awaiting the arrival of Auckland-based ‘hypno-rockers’ Racing, who have been hitting the road in support of their new release Misbehaving throughout May.

Nagging at me while I waited, drink in hand, for the band to arrive thinking how I had let one of New Zealand’s best live bands slip under my radar for so long.

Racing’s front man Ed Knowles once commented that you can’t put a price on “momentum and energy”, and rising out of the ashes of the break-up of The Checks, the band seems to have taken these words to heart – their ferocious live performances, and critically-acclaimed first EP have earnt them rave reviews and placed them at the vanguard of New Zealand’s rock-n-roll revival movement.

Comprised of Edward Knowles (vocals), Sven Pettersen (guitar), Izaak Houston (drums) and Daniel Barrett (bass), Racing’s sound is as captivating as it is hard to pin down.

The band wears its many influences subtly, crafting tracks which combine the best of hard rock and psychedelia, while still being wholly original.

Crowd favourite, Stereo Fields, showcased the bands hypnotic and mesmerizing sound which draws as much from Tame Impala and it does from 90’s Brit-rock, while All Night Long, a frenetically-paced and surging rock-anthem, is the sort of track that Aussie rockers Jet wished they could have written.

Ex-Checks vocalist Ed Knowles, was at the top of his game on Friday night, absolutely owning the stage and whipping the crowd into a near fever-pitch frenzy. The gig also served to showcase his impressive range, which saw him veer from Josh Homme-like tuneful heaviness on Sex in Summer, to a delicious falsetto on the nights stand-out track, Misbehaving, a catchy-as-hell disco-ripper that also serves as the bands new single.

For their parts, guitarist Sven Pettersen was sensational, ripping through blues riffs with ease, while bassist Daniel Barret, and drummer Izaak Houston, paired to form a searing rhythm section which imbued each track with a pulsating sense of urgency that had me hooked from the get-go.

I went into Friday night’s performance with little knowledge of what was going to unfold, but I left Whammy happy in the knowledge that if Racing is the future of rock in New Zealand, then we’re in very good hands.

You can next catch Racing on Friday the 27th of May at Darkroom in Christchurch.

NZ Tech Podcast 284: YouTube pranksters jailed, Apple’s $1B ride sharing investment, Hyperloop test


YouTube pranksters get jailed, Apple’s $1B Chinese ride sharing investment, Oracle vs Google, Govt’s $15m tech startup investment, Mamaroo baby tech, European Union could take Google for €3B, Hyperloop trial, driverless car congestion.

This NZ Tech Podcast episode produced with the support of Gorilla Technology, hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) with guests Brett Roberts and is published by Podcasts New Zealand – home of NZ’s favourite podcasts.

Get the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the NZ Tech Podcast website or the facebook page.

Bastille Day – Film Review 3.5/5 “Elba’s Bond Audition”

bastille day_

Director James Watkins foray into the action arena has paid off, his previous efforts Woman in Black and Eden Lake have drawn comparable critique in the horror genre and now tries flirting with this European action thriller starring TV’s London cop Luther’s Idris Elba and Game of Thrones Richard Madden (Robb Stark) plus a stack of European acting wealth.

Madden successfully manages to break out of the GOT mould as American Michael Mason a low life pickpocket on the streets of Paris, unfortunately Elba isn’t as lucky. Here’s the dilemma: If he speaks in an English accent he’s labelled James Bond auditionee or Luther, if he goes the American route then he gets tarred with the same brush.

If you like your action thick as lard then this movie will tick the boxes, if your sensory testes go deeper then you may struggle. It’s not a bad movie by any means, it’s much more palpable to watch than Sean Penn’s pair up with director Pierre Morel on last year’s action film Gunman or Liam Neeson’s latest Taken.

Why they didn’t make a full length Luther movie defies logic but get past the (just) passable Yank accents and the lovely Kelly Reilly’s annoying role as CIA head Karen Dacre then enjoy the ride, it’s a masterpiece rollercoaster of action. Madden & Elba both play their part with great effect, it’s probably the saving grace for this film although I couldn’t help thinking those terrorist scenes in Paris are a bit too soon?


The Temper Trap Review – The Powerstation Auckland 9/05/16

temper trap71_o

Anyone who knows the Temper Trap song Sweet Disposition, will testify it’s the modern rock anthem for our times. Vocalist Doug Mandagi’s wispy falsetto is unique in rock, his vocals a perfect juxtaposition to the driving pop indie guitar sound generating from this talented Australian Band., Bur, Love Lost. The crowd gravitated towards singer Doug, his charisma quite Hutchence-esque under the muted lighting as Greer let rip with the familiar guitar chords of their 2008 smash hit song Sweet Disposition.

Songs from the new album Thick As Thieves were tested on the eager Auckland crowd, the title track Thick As Thieves, So Much Sky and the extremely catchy Summers Almost Gone teasing the crowd as singer Doug stood serenely composed, his long locks giving way to his occasional flirt with the maraca while drummer Toby Dundas was a jack hammer behind the kit, pitching in when needed on backing vocals.

Local Dunedin boy done good, guitarist Joseph Greer was singled out as the crowd acknowledged one of their own as Mandagi remarked to his parents in the audience “Thanks for raising a fine young man, you guys did a great job”.

The Kiwi ‘love’ didn’t stop there either as the boys fired out a delicious funk twist on kiwi band Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s MultiLove in the finale, the treatment sounding every bit as delicious as the original, it was an intimate connection with the crowd.

The group are about to embark on an arduous world tour in support of the new album taking in Great Britain, North America & even Indonesia so tonights IHeartRadio gig was the perfect launch pad, a precursor to the band’s new album that’s already been earmarked by fans as a classic.

The band quickly fired out a mix of old and new tunes including Trembling Hands, Lost

Animated bassist Jon Aherne’s heavy-as-stink distorted bass on new track Alive was matched in intensity by his kiwi counterpart on guitar, the two in sync on the instrumental The Drum Song while a drum stick wielding Mandagi had the crowd clapping in unison as he danced intermittingly across the stage.

Of course, the obligatory encore was expected and the crowd made sure of that, the band came onstage again appreciative of the crowd while the band encouraged fans “to come to the merch table, come and say “Kiaora” closing the night with a few choice songs including their latest single radio darling Fall Together.

Temper Trap are the perfect dichotomy between pop and rock, their music nicely tipped with its indie leanings. The band have an honesty that is hardly attained lyrically by most artists, while their new album Thick As Thieves will be an overdue welcome by music fans eager to greet it with arms wide open.