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NZ Tech Podcast 312: Hands on MacBook Pro and Touch Bar, Hawaiki cable, Symantec Cyber Security predictions

NZ Tech Podcast 200x200

AirBnB woes in Spain and US, Telsa powers a Pacific Island, Hacking leads to free San Francisco journeys, Hawaiki fibre cable linking NZ globally, Auckland Airport outage, new MacBook Pro, Symantec Cyber Security predications, Truenet latency report.

Hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) and this week’s guest was Nate Dunn.

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Tauranga Marley Concert To Support The Red Cross Earthquake Appeal

In the true spirit of Bob Marley and his vision of One Love and unity, organisers of the MARLEY NZ All-Stars concert have announced they will be supporting the Red Cross November 2016 Earthquake appeal via the Tauranga event on Friday 9 December.

Concert-goers will be able to add another ticket to their purchase for a donation of either $10 or $25 to the appeal via Eventfinda. 100% of these donations will go directly to the New Zealand Red Cross who in turn ensure that this money goes to support the communities most in need at this time.

This option applies to all current General Admission ticket holders as well as any General Admission purchases made between9am Friday 25th November until midnight Friday 2nd December and must be done online. Head to for details.


Some of New Zealand’s biggest artists will pay homage this summer to one of the greatest influences on NZ music, Bob Marley.

Tiki Taane, Boh Runga, Logan Bell, Ria Hall, Laughton Kora, Jason Kerrison, Anna Coddington, Fran Kora and P Digsss will perform his biggest hits including Get Up Stand Up, 3 Little Birds, Stir It Up, Redemption Song, Turn Your Lights Down Low, Buffalo Soldier, Punky Reggae Party, Exodus, No Woman No Cry, One Love and many more.

They will be backed by the NZ All-Stars band, featuring Grenville Bell, guitar, Haani Totorewa, keys and Leon Davy, percussion, Fran Kora, bass and vocals; Lucien Johnson, sax and Barrett Hocking, trumpet; Paul Russell, drums; Joel Shadbolt, guitar; Shelton Woolright, guest drums and Godfrey de Grut with our very own I-Threes on backing vocals, Boh, Ria and Anna.

The award-winning Modern Maori Quartet open the Tauranga concert and features James Tito, Maaka Pohatu, Matariki Whatarau and our very own Lion King, Matu Ngaropo.

The Founder – Movie Review “bad taste of the American Dream” 3.5/5 Blomf


115min, Director John Lee Hooker.

The history of how McDonalds came to be the everywhere fast food restaurant. The all American capitalist dream, rags to riches story. Ray Croc shows how persistence, no hold barred attitude can literally steal the American dream. The title ‘The Founder’ is set in irony as Ray Croc, is not the Founder of McDonalds, but two hard working McDonald Brothers, working their American Dream, creating a Fast Food Burger joint that with super speed system delivers Hamburger, Milkshake, with Fries in 30 seconds of ordering.

Along comes Ray Croc 52 yr old travelling salesman trying and failing selling milkshake machines. He has seen the backbone of America, all the hamburger joints to know once he saw McDonalds, this had to be his dream, whatever it humanly cost.

Director John Lee Hooker (Blindside) has constructed a glossy colour saturated film covering the story very well. Ray Croc was always going to be dominating, though there is breathing space, as tight as it maybe, to fit others importance and point of view in the storyline. The film doesn’t necessarily fall into the biopic style of film that can feel clunky trying to fit in and cover events that are important to the story. The Founder could easily have fallen into TV movie of the week, it has successfully stepped up into a well crafted cinematic movie.

Michael Keaton, gives another great performance this time as Ray Croc, his charismatic persistence, which initially I felt was role for someone like a Kevin Costner all American, Keaton shines as his character journey into no holds barred stealing the American Dream, what costs success, and who has to burn in the process.

The film of course is well timed with the current climate in America and the election of Donald Trump, the ultimate pin up of Businessman clutching the American Dream. The Founder is a success story of the golden arches, McDonalds. Though success is not exactly a straight path, or even a straight moral journey. Agree or not agree of what it takes to succeed especially in capitalism, the film will leave a bad taste of the American Dream, but also the power of persistence.

NZ Tech Podcast 311: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Amazon Prime NZ with Jeremy Clarkson & friends, Tesla NZ, Google Earth VR


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visits, Amazon Prime and The Grand Tour (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May), Tesla NZ, Google Earth VR, Instagram Live Video, Earthquake and Tsunami warning via Cell Broadcast, Kiwicon.

Hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) and this week’s guest was Peter Hall.

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You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the NZ Tech Podcast website or the facebook page.

T.L.A (Three Letter Acronym) Live at Lowtide 18/11/2016

Take the pop sensibility of rock group Paramore mix it with the finesse of Franz Ferdinand and you come close to the sound of local act T.L.A (Three Letter Acronym).

Their sound is energetic, tight as & punchier than UFC’s Conor McGregor’s handiwork while retaining that guitar edge to their melodic pop aura.

I Need Ya was a solid first off song that cuts above the noise, apparently it is also a cover from fellow Mainz student’s band Your Hair Looks Good.

Lead singer Nef Teare possesses one great set of lungs and would be the vocal envy of many a band, her powerhouse voice suits the band’s rock melee while co-singer Kelly Tawhai’s backing vocals were spot on, weaving well to harmonise.

American Indie band Gossip’s rocking Standing In The Way of Control was given the T.L.A treatment, the fresh faces dealing to the song. It’s drumming the perfect excuse to mosh as the band did it justice, if not a tad better than the original I thought.

Drummer David Webb and bassist Thom Worsnop were solid in the short but impressive set, their rhythmic chops a rich tapestry to the newer originals, while guitarists Isaac and Dan (John Mayer?) filled out the funk infused Cocaine and my personal favourite Escape nicely with trade off guitars.

The latter song a more mature affair while lending itself to the personal nature of the lyrics, is hypnotic as it is infectious. Ending on their newest single Three Steps Away the band did well to draw attention to those in the small but intimate room setting.

Can’t wait to see how these guys progress next year, 2017 I’m picking they’ll be the ones to watch out for.

Check out their Facebook

Jason Kerrison On Bob Marley, Being Maori & Reggae

Photo Steve Bone

New Zealand’s greatest musical talents come together in two sensational concerts this summer to pay homage to one of the greatest influences on NZ music, Bob Marley.

Marley – NZ All-stars Celebrate the Legend will be staged at Wharepai Domain, Tauranga, on Friday, 9 December and Black Barn Vineyard, Havelock North, on Saturday, 10 December, they’ve also just added another date in Kerikeri at Kainui Rd Vineyard February 17.

Ex Op Shop singer Jason Kerrison is one of those who will be touring with the Kiwi supergroup along with vocalists Tiki Taane, Boh Runga, Logan Bell, Ria Hall and others who will perform Marley’s biggest hits including Get Up Stand Up, Exodus, No Woman No Cry, One Love and many more.

Kerrison is fairly relaxed as I catch up with him, apologising for eating lunch as we talk, he admits recently taking an ancestry test confessing “I just want to know “why we are” and “who we are” – well, the 42 percent Maori of me does.

“You kind of mentioned before being a kind of a ‘brown’ face on TV and yet I’ve never been referred to as a ‘Maori musician’. I don’t know why or how that comes about, I think that’s an interesting observation.”

Wal: How are you feeling about the gig?

Jason: As singers we’re only doing two or three songs each, as long as we have our heads around those we’ll be fine. The band has the mammoth task of learning all those songs. I think the really good thing about that is that most of the songs are generally in their catalogue anyway. It’s not like they’re going to have to learn a whole bunch of new songs – it’s an enormous task, 27 songs in two days but there’s not many chords in the Bob songs. That being said, they sound like they’re not too challenging and then you go to learn them its another story. It’s been a learning curve on a number of fronts for me, it’s going to be cool.

Wal: Sounds like it’s going to be a good one.

Jason: Having talked to all the artists involved I think everyone is as excited to be playing on the same stage and playing this kind of tribute show. We all love Bob for whatever reasons, we all have our own context about that, it’s exciting.

Wal: Earliest Bob memory?

Jason: One that comes to mind is when I came up to Auckland as a kid with my dad and my sisters. I remember playing a lot of pool in the garage at G.I. or somewhere, I noticed a lot of Reggae music, for a couple of weeks at least I was just surrounded by a lot of Bob Marley. I had an enormous affinity with him just purely by being introduced through the family I guess.

Wal: Was receiving the NZ Order Of Merit a highlight in your life?

Jason: That’s pretty funny. I personally didn’t think I deserved it when I looked at the people that had taken that award in the past. I didn’t think my deservability factor was anywhere near that, I mean I’m no war hero. I’ve hardly changed the industry that I’m in or left an indelible impression. I think from what I’ve heard it was ascribed more to the Band Together event which I helped put together with a really good team. It was the show we put together after the initial Christchurch earthquakes and we had six weeks to do it, but we managed to get 33 bands together, TV3 covered the whole event and we had over 160 thousand people there. We got people in Christchurch to forget about what was going on for at least a day – I’m proud of that, I’m really proud of that. I’m not sure if it merits something like that but once my parents found out they were incredibly proud.

Wal: What’s happening with Op Shop, are you still together?

Jason: No we’re not together, we broke up about three years ago now? I just got to a point where I felt we were just repeating ourselves, there was wasn’t anything innovative or new happening and a predictable dynamic. As much as I love the guys, I felt I wasn’t stretching myself as a musician or an artist. Also I felt it was an opportune time being at the top of our game in New Zealand to gracefully bow out and try different things.

Wal: You grew up in Christchurch?

Jason: I grew up in Christchurch. My dad was in bands as long as I can remember so I was always around musicians and I don’t recall him playing a lot of Reggae, mostly Country. I came from a Country Western background. Lots of Suzanne Prentice and John Denver, Brendan Duggan, the classics. (laughter)

Wal: The further South you get, the less Bob Marley there seems to be. What got you into Rock music?

Jason: I remember being in a band at fourteen and we were called Vivid after the first album by Living Colour. We did all those songs basically played the album back to front as much as we could every day on the weekends – that’s when I kind of realised “oh cool, you don’t have to be white to play rock” or “if you’re white you don’t just have to play Country music” (laughter.) It was nice to turn the whole thing on its head for me ..and I’ve been guessing and making up shit ever since.

Wal: What happened with your ancestry test?

Jason: It turns out I’m 2 percent African 30 percent South East Asian a bunch of European stuff, Dutch, Danish, Welsh, Irish and 42 percent Maori (laughter). That’s a typical breakdown there man. Its amazing how specific they can get these days. It’s whatever you identify with, I was always told “you’re a half cast”, I don’t even know what that means really, my mums a little blonde lady and my dads a darker Maori fella. Of course you have an affinity to both sides, but then it’s nice to have a sense of where your DNA’s all from.

Wal: Did you grow up around Maori culture?

Jason: Not in Invercargill or Christchurch not really. However that being said I remember going to Nga Hau E Wha in the kapa haka group as a kid, other than that not really. I actually just popped into the wananga in Hamilton last week just to ask what type of total immersion courses are available. I really want to be able to korero Maori, I’m really into it, there’s some calm about that and owning it.

Kerrison and co will be backed by the NZ All-Stars band, featuring Grenville Bell, guitar and Leon Davy, percussion; Fran Kora, bass and vocals; Lucien Johnson, sax and Barrett Hocking, trumpet; Paul Russell, drums; Joel Shadbolt, guitar; Shelton Woolright, guest drums and Godfrey de Grut, with the I-Threes on backing vocals, Boh, Ria and Anna.

The Modern Maori Quartet – who open each concert – will have fans “melting like golden syrup on a piece of hot fried bread!”. The MMQ crooners are James Tito, Maaka Pohatu, Matariki Whatarau and our very own Lion King, Matu Ngaropo.

Get along and catch this amazing show, Bob Marley and Reggae fans, it’s not to be missed.

NZ Business Podcast 22: Matt Gould – Artificial Intelligence and bringing clarity from complexity

Paul Spain talks with Matt Gould (Chief Strategy Officer, Arria NLG) about his story and that of his company which is bringing fresh smarts to interpretation of complex data in the form of Artificial Intelligence tech which generates natural language.

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You can keep current with our latest NZ Business Podcast updates via Twitter @NZ_Business, the website and the NZ Business Podcast facebook page.

Adele Confirmed To Play NZ For One Gig 2017

Global superstar ADELE will visit Australia and New Zealand for the very first time in February and March, 2017 to perform a series of special stadium concerts in a unique 360º in-the-round production. Designed to create intimacy, the tour venues will feature reserved seating on both the playing arenas and the grandstands.
Live Nation have now confirmed that Adele will play Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium on Thursday, March 23.

Having broken album sales records worldwide and with in excess of two million albums sold in Australasia, the multiple Grammy, Brit, Oscar and Golden Globe winner is on the cusp of completing her 107 date sold-out Live 2016 tour which has taken her all over the UK, Europe and North America. The tour has been hailed by critics and fans alike.
“It was a pure Adele moment: a pop triumph immediately brought to earth by shared human frailty. Adele’s gifts could separate her from more ordinary humans. Instead, she forges bonds.” New York Times, USA

“A one-on-one conversation amid 18,000 or so other folks: Combined with her remarkable voice, it’s that flair for intimacy on a grand scale that’s driven Adele to the top. She’s a conveyor of relatable emotion at a moment when pop seems defined by concept and style.”Los Angeles Times, USA

“That’s Adele, putting on a big night out but making it seem like a deeply personal moment… Truly, a diva for the people”The Times, UK

Tickets will go on general sale at midday on Thursday, November 24.

My Live Nation New Zealand members will be able to access a pre-sale from midday on Tuesday, November 22.

NZ Tech Podcast 310: Arria natural language AI, Boeing Black self-destructing phone, GoPro Karma recall, Android Auto for all

Earthquakes impact communications, Boeing Black self-destructing phone, GoPro Karma recalled, Android Auto for all, SnapChat spectacles from a vending machine, Select.ID social network, lithium batteries and Arria’s Artificial Intelligence.

Hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) and this week’s guest was Matt Gould.

Get the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the NZ Tech Podcast website or the facebook page.