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Ian Smith Review “Snowflake “

Wors Glenn Blomfield

What can be more common than the name Ian Smith, but that there is certainly nothing common about Ian Smith the comedian. His stand up show SNOWFLAKE was in the upstairs intimate room theatre at the Classic, the home of comedy legends. Some more also know the Classic as a vintage Porno cinema, but thats a different story. Actually when it comes to different stories, Ian Smith show was very that, one part show and one part dealing with heckler extrodinairs, taking the show into interrupted directions, which I believe Ian Smith handled with comedy winning slimht of hand. Bringing together under situations that at times were out of control, feeling controlled into his comedy show, gaining laughs and enjoyment through the night.

I am definitely sure for Ian Smith this was not any ordinary show, things were taking there own tangent angles, we had audience member nicknamed ‘Fruit’ after ‘mad as a fruitcake, abiding a attention, then we had the giggling gerty, that had to make sure she had something to say. Ian Smith made sure he was the MC for the evening, using these ‘hecklers’ as comical musing. Which just proved Ian Smith, was genuinely a funny guy, under such diversity that can naturally ruin a show, he used to his comedy advantage.

The title for the show is Snowflake, which is used in part as anecdotal connection to his evenings running comedy sketch relating to his short winter holiday experience in Norway. Ian Smith is clever, funny clever that is, he is very enjoyable to be around, he has a chemistry that joins the audience in with the funned silliness. Ian Smith is stand up comedy gold, he proved that in the show this night with all its diversities with the audience ‘hecklers’.

I can only but simply recommend a stand up evening with Ian Smith, from the UK, from a small town called Goole, not to be confused with Google the biggest search engine in the world, in joke from the evening. To be in on the joke, you just simply have to go to an evening with the very funny and silly Ian Smith.

Heath Franklin’s Chopper Bogan Jesus Touring NZ May To July 2018 – Extra shows added!  

Heath Franklin’s Chopper
Bogan Jesus

Touring NZ May – July 2018 – Extra shows added!

Due to popular demand extra shows have been added to the Bogan Jesus tour, including new dates in Auckland 11 July and Hamilton 14 July. 9:30PM shows have also been added for Auckland 11 & 12 May, Nelson 29 May and Christchurch 1 June.

There’s a new ‘mo-ssiah’ for a new age and he’s holier than Oscar Pistorius’ bathroom door.

In the beginning, God created the moustache… and it was good. Then he took the next 6 days off, because once you’ve nailed it, treat yourself to a lie-down.

The world has had religion ever since God was in nappies, and what have we got to show for it: wars, terrorist attacks, and Christian rock. It’s time religion took a hard look at itself, so Chopper is starting his own one, in his own image, and giving hell to the almighty.

Are you sick, lonely, or poor? Well, there are plenty of other churches for you. Chopper is looking for rich idiots to tithe the crap out of; but really, any sinner will do.

Thou shalt harden up and become a Chopostle! So gather round, and be healed by Bogan Jesus!

With 2 ARIA nominations, 1 Logie nomination and over 500,000 tickets sold worldwide, Chopper is a genuine comedy icon. The man behind the ‘stache, Heath Franklin, is an Australian actor, comedic performer, improviser and writer. Franklin made his television debut on the sketch show The Ronnie Johns Half Hour in 2005 and has been a regular on Kiwi TV, including his series, TV3’s Chopper’s Republic of Anzakistan and 7Days.

“Australia’s funniest comedy character.” ★★★★★ Sunday Mail

“Franklin is a true comedy talent.” ★★★★½ The Age

“…Every one of his gags hit the mark.” ★★★★ Herald Sun


Claudelands / Thu 10 May / 7:30pm

SKYCITY Theatre / Fri 11 & Sat 12 May / 7:30pm & 9:30pm

Theatre Royal Nelson / Tue 29 May / 7:30pm & 9:30pm

ASB Theatre Marlborough / Wed 30 May / 7:30pm

Aurora Centre for the Performing Arts / Thu 31 May 7:30pm & Fri 1 June 7:30pm & 9.30pm

Mayfair Theatre / Sat 2 June / 7:30pm

Civic Theatre / Sun 3 June / 7:00pm

SKYCITY Theatre / Wed 11 July / 7.30PM

Claudelands / Fri 14 July / 7:30pm

A Bard’s Tale “The Best Plays Shakespeare Never Wrote” Review “Pretty bloody funny”

Words Wal Reid

Gone are the days, when picking up the order from the local fish & chip shop precariously, trying not to hear the final score of the Warriors game, use to be a mission. Tonight’s show although not a rugby game, had me apply the same mental prep. Preparing myself for tonight’s show with a whimsical air of ‘disinterest’.

I should explain that I was definitely ‘interested’, but, this was to help shield me from any spoiler alerts or what the show was about, however, I needn’t have worried – It was Shakespeare.
There’s something about spontaneous laughter that is pure, the unrehearsed nature of comedy is something, when it’s good it’s good, and so it was tonight at the Herald Theatre.

Interestingly titled The Best Plays Shakespeare Never Wrote, the show is as good as any Improvise you will see anywhere in the modern world. Based on Shakespeare (yep, that guy) and fully backed by the experienced cast of Merry Men and Women from Covert Improvisation Theatre, A Bard’s Tale explores every modern convenience (Including Soy Pork) while maintaining its Shakespearean temperament throughout.

Some standout performances from the Covert Theatre’s stable of actors including Wade Jackson, suitably chosen by the audience as the very hated ‘baddie’ and the solid Paul Paice, who’s job to round up the carrot eating swine for the Duke of Verona’s victory feast, seemed more laboursome than its worth.

Actor Mark Scott had a blinder in his multiple roles running circles around the period dressed cast, his counterpart James Ting Edward was equally lightning witted, looking very Baldrick-esque. CJ Le Mon added some spot-on feminine wile to her exaggerated daughter character, while stage- Dad Daniel Moore was hilarious as the doting old Duke, his knack mixing up names added a congenial swag to his fuddy-duddy persona.

Add to the show the Tudor vernacular of the day and you have more fun than you can shake a soy pork bi-product stick at. I can’t stand Soy Pork or Shakespeare if the truth be known, however I found myself warming to ‘fake’ Shakespeare a lot, the naff Black Adder background music and period dress personally gave the show an authenticity making the Shakespearean-ism more palatable.

You can still catch the show, its on until Saturday. Of course it starts off with the audience calling the shots, “where its based”, I wanted to shout Denmark.. “where it is” and “who the baddie is”, the hardest part will be predicting the dire end for our cast of rouges, it will keep you guessing until the bitter end, and its pretty bloody funny too.

A Bards Tale plays May 8th to 12th at The Herald Theatre, Auckland

Lana Walters “Faking It” Review ” Relatable and accessible”

Words Chelsea Pickens

To be honest I find comedians a bit hard to watch. It’s not that I don’t enjoy comedy, I really do, and in the comfort of my own home and the detached context of television, I’ll sit back and lap it up. But live comedy I find difficult because it looks like the absolute most terrifying job in the world – standing on an illuminated stage, vulnerable as hell, while an audience in front of you stares and deems you funny or not.

I’m anxious just watching them, with my empathy gland swelling out of control ready for if it all to fall flat. And so I attend stocked with pity, ‘you’re doing great please don’t leave the stage and cry’ laughs ready to go, and a beer to ease me through the cringe.

I arrived with these laughs (and that beer) to the intimate venue to watch Lana Walters’ debut solo show at the Q theatre. Lana’s confident but down to earth, giggly demeanour was at once relaxing, she could hold her own, the laughs would come, my pity laughs could chill in the back pocket.

That one guy in the audience who laughed really loud at everything (there’s always one) also took the burden off, so I found myself ready to enjoy. And I did enjoy. Lana was immediately likable, your average girl with average girl problems, she was relatable and accessible.

A lot of her set was based around being a single woman, a popular topic for women comedians, she striked me as an Amy Schumer/Mindy Kaling mix – both self-deprecating yet empowering in her confident retelling of tinder tales and ex boyfriends gone wrong.

The highlight was absolutely when she paused for a sip of wine and downed the whole cup – a tidy kiwi party trick that not surprisingly pleased the audience ‘not just some of it, all of it’ styles.
And that was the beauty of Lana’s set, she undoubtedly appealed to kiwi sensibilities of poking fun at oneself and acting a bit rough around the edges.

It was really her demeanour that made the comedy, and I found her casual, off the cuff, giggly remarks more humorous and enjoyable than the more worked on, laboured punchlines, which at times did fall a bit flat. But Lana took it in her stride and laughed at herself anyway which was really nice to see and made me less of a guilty audience member.

She was having fun, so we could have fun – so fun was had by all. Certainly a show to be enjoyed by fellow single ladies and their besties, where we can all down our wine together.

Samsung TVs, Codemania, Hawaiki Cable completion, 3M Standing Desk, Reobot – NZ Tech Podcast 387

Hosted by Paul Spain and this week’s guest: Paul Brislen.

Samsung QLED TVs, robot vacs and washing machines, Reobot helps you learn Maori, 3M standing desks, Privacy Week, Codemania, Hawaiki completes deep sea fibre cable, Fitbit Ace & Versa, facial recognition vs privacy, Facebook dating, Microsoft Build

Listen to the Podcast here:

You can keep current with our latest NZ Tech Podcast updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the NZ Tech Podcast website or the facebook page. Published by World Podcasts and Podcasts NZ

The post Samsung TVs, Codemania, Hawaiki Cable completion, 3M Standing Desk, Reobot – NZ Tech Podcast 387 appeared first on NZ Tech Podcast.

“Snort With Friends” Review “At Snort, anything can happen”

Words Oliver Smith

It was late on Friday night as I made my way to the Basement Theatre to see what has become a Friday late night fixture in Auckland, Snort. During the fest they are running Snort With Friends, which includes Snorts usual brand of improv antics, featuring special guests, on this occasion international guests Rhys Nicholson, Lauren Pattison and Fin Taylor. It was winter coat weather that night, at 13ºC, but while the night was cloudy there was little chance of rain, even though humidity was at 88%.

I made my way into the theatre as the doors opened, Double Brown (the true beer of kings) in hand, the sound of Earth Wind and Fire pumping from the speakers. The crowd was packed and energetic, which is to be expected, Snort have become known to regularly fill out the Basement theatre on a weekly basis.

On this night Snort was hosted by last year’s Fred winner Rose Matafeo, the latest New Zealand act to garner attention on the international stage, having perfomed critically acclaimed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and appeared on the late night panel show “Have I Got News For You.” in the UK. It was clear that we were in good hands as she took our energy levels from 10 to 11, finding out how much of the crowd had seen Snort before (which was probably the majority) and explained how things were going to go down for first time audience members.

Snort’s format is simple, each of the guests take turns to get up to deliver a monologue (based on a word provided by the audience), the Snort players then improvise scenes based on those monologues.

The monologues were weird and wonderful, Rhys Nicholson with sailing, Lauren Pattison gleefully accepting gynocology and Finn Taylor taking both moist and hot dog. These monologues were funny in their own right, and the bonus of having international guests adds extra value to this comedy festival edition of Snort.

The Snort players were excellent, morphing between scenes, managing to find a peak and moving on to the next scene. They could be playing out a kidnapping by a weird man with a yacht, to koalas in a tree to artists rehearsing a weird form of vegan performance art. Anything that came to their minds, with superb comic timing and call backs galore. At Snort, anything can happen.

Snort is a Friday night mainstay at the Basement, but during the fest provide an extra opportunity to catch some top international talent. I’d recommend this show to anyone, especially fans of improv. Be sure to book as they do tend to sell out fast, why not bring a friend?

What: Snort With Friends

Who: Snort

When: 27 April, 4, 11 & 18 May

Where: The Vault at Q Theatre

NZEP! Episode 110:The Breaker Upperers

NZEP! Episode 110:The Breaker Upperers Ana Scotney talks about her role as Hip Hop Diva Sepa in Jackie Van Beek & Madeline Sami’s new Romcom Hit movie The Breaker Upperers.

Watch the interview with Wal Reid on the link below.

Night Lovell Review “On Point”

Words Zoë Reid

After his hugely popular single Dark Light went viral in certain Rap circles, clocking over twelve million views on YouTube, the twenty-one year old Night Lovell, aka Shemar Paul, has gone on to put out two stunning studio albums, that have been hugely successful worldwide. The Ontario native dropped Red Teenage Melody, which was quite the poppy follow up to the darker moodier tunes from his first album, Concept Vague. Better known by his stage name Night Lovell, fans in Auckland were treated to an incredible night filled with lots of mosh pits antics and even a stage dive during his breakout 2016 song, Contraband.

Although young and fresh on the scene, Lovell had a truly confident stage presence about him and had an amazing rapport hyping up the crowd. Hit songs such as Louis V and Dark Light completely went off, sending the Auckland crowd into an excited frenzy. The energetic vibe was also somehow surprisingly positive and I’m certain no one was hurt during the frenzied moshing, I’ve never seen such a tame yet hyped up crowd before. It was honestly refreshing to see people genuinely present to respect the artist. Lovell reciprocated that same respect, and didn’t even get mad when a fan made their way on stage to join him.

Some fans had been waiting three years for this concert, and it is safe to say they weren’t disappointed. Lovell kept asking those who were ‘OG’ fans to cheer for him, and in those moments it felt like he had all the support in the world, especially in this neck of the woods, anyway. The young Canadian’s vocals were on point, the set list flawless and it combined all the necessary elements for a good night out. If Night Lovell makes it to New Zealand shores again, make sure you don’t miss out.

NZEP! Episode 110:The Breaker Upperers Ana Scotney talks about her role as Hip Hop Diva Sepa in Jackie Van Beek & Madeline Sami’s new Romcom Hit movie The Breaker Upperers. Watch the interview with Wal Reid on the link below.

Watch the interview with Ana Scotney