It was reportedly touted that William Shakespeare said the eyes are the “window to the soul.” If this is the case, then actors Darcy Murray and Wade Jackson are living proof that this can be faked with impressive comedic results. All this with the aid of live improv theatre.

The congenial pair walk out on stage with nothing but themselves and each sit in a chair. From there they take you on a precarious journey all the while stuck in a traffic jam. Playing out scenarios that you’d swear were written off the script, this is where the beauty of Improv Theatre excels, as Murray & Jackson act their way out of their skins while sharing a ride to their romantic “cabin in the woods” experience.

Of course tonight’s show will differ from tomorrows. It’s been called the bravest comedy show you’ll ever see. Seeing this improv duo in action, you’ll swear that the show is scripted but every single moment is created on the spot. Fabricated stories of their twin kids Martin & Sophie (or Martini & Daiquiri) swigging alcohol or Dad Wade teaching their kids to gamble are treated with mild disdain but are quite funny.
Nothing is left to reason not even “horror porn” genre (We think it’s a real thing) or Wade’s alcoholic mother in law.

It’s a show that will have you marvel “How is it they know what to say or do next?”. I love the unpredictable nature of watching the show unfurl itself around clever, witty banter. Murray & Jackson are completely believable as the amiable couple stuck in traffic while the audience enjoy the fly-on-the-wall experience listening in to their hilarious Traffic Jam banter.

Traffic Jam is the show that can go anywhere while going nowhere – but you must get on-board and take the ride. Where it goes or what happens along the way on the journey is anyone’s guess.
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