This time around it is in the Hospital basement, that is clean and clinical. Going for a opposite mood, like a soapy TV show, ER, or Grey’s Anatomy. That’s what this film basically feels like, a Hospital TV drama show, characters lacking real depth or perspective, not fully convinced unaware about the motivations that drive each character, a story that doesn’t quite grab you.

The inciting ‘incident’ of the story that gets the ball rolling as in the ‘Death Experiment’, requires the viewer to give it suspension of disbelief, to be able to go along with the filmmaker’s intentions, as the situation feels a stretch, in any sense of a real situation.

By the end of the film, I was not being won over by its moral cliché sappy message. The film does not resonant beyond its running time. Flatliners sadly flatlines for me. Not really sure why they remade it as they haven’t added anything new, or in-depth. The angle is the same, the execution lacking. It completely sucked the marrow out of me, requiring post-film resuscitation.