Words Sarah Kidd

The duo of Hamish Parkinson and Ryan Richards aka Fuq Boiz were first introduced to the world in 2017, the matching tuxedo wearing comedians receiving nothing but praise for their debut show that later went on to spawn ‘Fuq Boiz Resurrection’ last year.

But the end has come for the beloved duo, Parkinson and Richards presenting one and all with their ‘magnum opus’ to the brilliant triptych that sees the audience join the Fuq Boiz in the depths of Hell to which they have been sentenced for their crimes.

Parkinson who has been a previous winner of the coveted Billy T Comedy Award is fantastic, his often frenzied performance leaving you transfixed as he leans this way and that into the different scenarios, each one more unpredictable than the next, not once within the sixty minute performance ever giving an inch. In fact, Parkinson is so engrossed in his own character that he continues long after the last audience member has left the room, his manic rabbling’s echoing down the hall and nipping at your heels.
Richards on the other hand has an honesty to his persona, his love and devotion to his partner in crime shown through a range of actions, emotions and periodic hilarious brief musical interludes that will make you chortle while simultaneously pulling at a heart string or two.

Social commentary is also cleverly weaved throughout, the script showing not only outstanding humour but intellect as well as it dives headfirst down the rabbit hole into a nonsensical wonderland of absurdity.

Fuq Boiz is surreal humour, the physicality and at times sonic assault with a side order of props resulting in an immersive act that drags you in and will not relent until you beg for mercy. Happy in their rather warm fiery surroundings with their favourite reading matter to hand – the Ponsonby News not only a prop but a bubbling cauldron of statement – the Fuq Boiz cavort amongst their cherished memories of an outstanding day, seemingly content in their locked down and unbreakable partnership. But something is afoot in the bowels of hell, a chain of events bringing about mistrust, jealously and flashbacks that had the audience howling in laughter.

Fuq Boiz Forever is a show that gives you everything you could ever desire in a comedy, from old school slapstick to satirical one liners that will have you smirking like the Cheshire cat. So come, let your hosts Hamish Parkinson and Ryan Reynolds show you around, stay awhile and partake of all there is on offer. Just remember, don’t touch the ham