Wors Glenn Blomfield

What can be more common than the name Ian Smith, but that there is certainly nothing common about Ian Smith the comedian. His stand up show SNOWFLAKE was in the upstairs intimate room theatre at the Classic, the home of comedy legends. Some more also know the Classic as a vintage Porno cinema, but thats a different story. Actually when it comes to different stories, Ian Smith show was very that, one part show and one part dealing with heckler extrodinairs, taking the show into interrupted directions, which I believe Ian Smith handled with comedy winning slimht of hand. Bringing together under situations that at times were out of control, feeling controlled into his comedy show, gaining laughs and enjoyment through the night.

I am definitely sure for Ian Smith this was not any ordinary show, things were taking there own tangent angles, we had audience member nicknamed ‘Fruit’ after ‘mad as a fruitcake, abiding a attention, then we had the giggling gerty, that had to make sure she had something to say. Ian Smith made sure he was the MC for the evening, using these ‘hecklers’ as comical musing. Which just proved Ian Smith, was genuinely a funny guy, under such diversity that can naturally ruin a show, he used to his comedy advantage.

The title for the show is Snowflake, which is used in part as anecdotal connection to his evenings running comedy sketch relating to his short winter holiday experience in Norway. Ian Smith is clever, funny clever that is, he is very enjoyable to be around, he has a chemistry that joins the audience in with the funned silliness. Ian Smith is stand up comedy gold, he proved that in the show this night with all its diversities with the audience ‘hecklers’.

I can only but simply recommend a stand up evening with Ian Smith, from the UK, from a small town called Goole, not to be confused with Google the biggest search engine in the world, in joke from the evening. To be in on the joke, you just simply have to go to an evening with the very funny and silly Ian Smith.