Words Glenn Blomfield aka Blomf
Now straight off the top I need to get this out on the table, I am not the demographic who loves comic book superhero movies, I find films like The Avengers a convoluted mess. Though saying that, I prefer the DC world over the Marvel, and Justice League I feel is a lot better than The Avengers series. What I prefer with the DC Superhero movies, is the darker tone. Scratching deeper at the surface of the psychology of the characters, making the Drama stronger. Creates a more foreboding feeling, the characters have struggles more on a personal human touching level, if that is a possible thing with super human strength and super abilities. But hopefully you can see where I am coming from. The most grounded human battling character is Baman, we now see him challenged when standing amongst the Justice League group, he is ironically the most fallible, as he doesn’t have a superpower, but pure will. He is ageing, he takes the hard knocks, but he proves to be a leader.
The Director Zack Synder, has made what I thought was an excellent superhero movie Watchmen (2009), when at the helm, Synder creates a strong visual world, his stylings are graphically strong and grand, perfect for just a film like Justice League. The film is not over all dark in tone as we have seen with the previous outings, eg BATMAN vs SUPERMAN. This film Justice League allows for humour, and some light on characters that let them be vulnerable in a more charismatic way. It even may comes across as corny, and there is those moments, but hey they play out as fun and entertaining, in the whole context of things that make up the film.
So what of the Justice League team, on the script writing we have Joss Whedon, the Director and writer behind the Marvels The Avengers first two outings, and the cool tv series Firefly, and Buffy. Whedon has brought the fallible rogue, and the fun too this film. The characters feel solid if not with the traditional episodic way of introducing each one. We have Ben Affleck, as husky speaking Batman, knowing ironically he is out of his league. The stoic and amazonian beauty Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, which is proving to be the real key and soul of the team. Aquaman Jason Momoa muscles bulging at the seems, having a presence amongst an already impressive line up, his dry wit and masculine charm is able to shine through. The most dramatic actor and character is Cyborg played by Ray Fisher, also the most CGI enhanced role. With a welcoming comic and joyful character in the League team is the Flash played by the efficient youthful Ezra Miller, giving light to what can be a dark troupe of Superheroes.
I am sure when it comes to a comic book movie, like Justice League, I am not writing a review to an audience that does not know anything about it, I am quite safe in thinking they know all the characters, aware of the comic books etc, what I am assured they want to know is it any good, well put plainly, I think it is. Though there is some issues with the revival, ‘SPOILER ALERT‘ of Superman from the dead, it just seemed rushed over, but heck when you have multiple key characters, and action to keep moving on with, I guess its what you get with such a film, keep the entertainment and Popcorn flowing. I do find as with other films of this genre, the Villain can come across formula and stereotypical, and Steppenwolf, is no different, basically he is only a threat to keep the plot moving along. Ok I will stop my niggling judgements here, and just say I ate the Popcorn, little salty, but not enough to leave a bad taste.
POP: popular blockbuster film that is loud, bombastic and proud of it. CORN: corny lines of diatribe, and surprisingly tongue in check moments in the narrative, especially as it comes to the finale. In summary: Great fun rewarding popcorn movie.