Hear insights into building a business in the San Francisco Bay Area as Kiwi Founder/CEO Dr David Hughes shares his career story and that of his network technology firm Silver Peak Systems. This is unique chance to hear insights from David’s experiences both in his firm Silver Peak Systems, and working with other companies including hypergrowth startup Stratacom, giant Cisco Systems and Venture Capital firm Benchmark Capital.

Not only did David Hughes raise some US$63-million in funding from leading Silicon Valley investors such as Benchmark Capital and Greylock Partners he also established Silver Peak Systems as a profitable business in 5-6 years – with some clients generating in excess of US$10-million. David shares his own experiences with career decisions, hiring, pivoting, taking advantage of client feedback and how the concept of the self driving car also has relevance in the field of computer networking.

In 2017, under David’s leadership, Silver Peak has seen dramatic growth and is certainly a company to watch in the years ahead.

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